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Vegetable garden and sustainability: Perucci di sopra is a farm situated in 13 hectares of woodland comprised of ancient oaks, arable lands, fruit orchards, olive-groves and vegetable gardens.
We produce fruit and vegetables with witch we prepare the meals and the delicious jams for our guests, we do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our plants nourish themselves on our rich earth, sunlight and fresh air.

We produce our very own vegetables, fruit and eggs, while the meat and other products that are not produced in our farm are carefully examined and selected from local and trusted farms, in a way to guaranty the maximum taste with an eye on sustainability.

We use solar panels to auto generate the electricity used in our farm, every year we try to improve our environmental sustainability with investments in green and clean energy.


From our olive-groves, witch is exclusively hand picket, our extra virgin olive oil is born: a golden green fragrant oil, with an intense flavour, it is extracted by cold pressing so it conserves its organic characteristics unaltered, witch assures an excellent quality when used raw on salads, carpaccios and dressings, but also when used to make souses, meat dishes and cooked vegetable side dishes.


In our kitchen we prepare our recipes with local biological ingredients. We follow the natural seasonal changes and offer our guests what mother nature gifts us in that particular time of the year. Creativity and authenticity is our key to preparing food for our guests: starting with breakfast witch is composed of rich cakes, different types of bread and home made pies; later in the day for the main meals we use local recipes, we also offer vegan and vegetarian meals.

Genuine and authentic raw materials
Mens sana in corpore sano